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We have life-changing news…

Studio 52: Professional Salon, Andover’s favorite place for beauty and renewal, has moved just down the road to a new state-of-the-art facility. In only six months we have seen unprecedented growth and thanks to our amazing guests we have accomplished goals we set for years from now. With over 3,000 square feet, this opulent and relaxing setting will come complete with modern treatment rooms, a beauty & lifestyle experience center, and access to the latest innovative beauty & wellness services and luxury products. The addition of some of the North Shore’s most established platform artists, our postgraduate Professional Stylist Academy, and collaborations with some of the nation’s top salons. This location will serve as a Professional Stylist Forum, combining the minds and talents of the best and brightest in our industry.
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No matter how you choose to warm up to your day, Studio 52 has got you covered. If you’re trying to get moving or just want to stop and enjoy the moment, our gourmet teas, wines and brewed-for-you coffee are exactly what you need.

#MakeOverMonday Copper red + an asymmetrical fringe is such a bold move. Pressed with Aquage Beyond Body.  #aquage  #Studio52 

#MakeOverMonday From lifeless strands to lively layers, texturized with Transforming Spray  #aquage  #Studio52

From long, limp and faded to short, bouncy and rich. Styled with Defining Gel #MakeOverMonday #aquage  #Studio52